Nissan Patrol Rent In Dubai

Book Nissan Patrol Rent A Car in Dubai at affordable prices. This luxurious SUV is well-designed, has a comfortable interior, and performs well. When you get a chance to rent a Nissan Patrol in Dubai, you will have a different experience with it on the roads. 

The modern technology and safety features this car uses will provide you with great pleasure during the journey. You can take it for a ride around the city or as far as you wish, and the Nissan Patrol is suitable for every need of yours. 

At the same time, you can also make your trip unique and memorable by renting this great vehicle from our agency.

Rent Nissan Patrol Dubai
nissan patrol for rent
Nissan Patrol Car Rental Price In Dubai
3 Hours Transfer Full Day
450 AED
550 AED
175 AED
220 AED
900 AED
1100 AED

400 horsepower




20 to 27 mpg


5.6 to 5.7 liters


Nissan Patrol - Best Choice of Car Renters

Nissan Patrol is the best choice for car renters because of its flexibility and modern look. Some of the features which make it best if you are in a city like Dubai are as follows:

Excellent performance: The engine of the Nissan Patrol car is mighty and strong; it performs very well even on rough roads.

Fuel efficiency: Despite its powerful engine, it saves fuel very well and decreases your total travel expense.

Smooth drive: Seats inside Nissan Patrol cars are soft and don’t cause fatigue, even if you drive for long hours.

Latest technologies: Nissan Patrol comes with the latest safety technologies, such as airbags, an anti-lock braking system, and a parking helper.

Great space: This car is perfect for travelling with a huge family or with your friends; it holds enough space for luggage and passengers.

Excellent design: The attractive and modern design of the Nissan Patrol car makes it unique on roads.

Guide to Renting a Car in Dubai

We’re happy to introduce you to our car rental guide! Choose from our wide range of vehicles—economic, luxury, comfort or budget cars.

Bring your driving license, passport, and credit card for the deposit. Follow the guide below for a better driving experience on the roads of Dubai.

Booking: Book online from our website or mobile app. Booking online gets you better rates and offers.

Insurance Coverage: Choosing insurance is important when renting a car. We have various types of insurance available for you while taking the Nissan Patrol on Rent. Some common insurance are as follows:

a) Basic Insurance

b) Comprehensive Insurance

c) Personal Accident Cover

Vehicle Inspection: Check the vehicle before you get it and note any damage or issues so there are no disputes when you return it.

Driving Rules: Some of the common rules to strictly follow while driving Nissan Patrol on the roads of Dubai are as follows:

a) Wear a seatbelt.

b) Follow speed limits.

c) Drive in the lane which is suitable to your car speed.

d) Don’t use mobile while driving.

e) No drunk & drive.

Vehicle Return: When you are returning the car, Please remember the following points:

a) Your car should be as clean as when you pick it up from us.

b) We give you a full fuel tank and we want the same from you in return.

c) Return the car on time, otherwise additional charges will be applied.

Best Nissan Patrol Car Models to Rent in Dubai

Rent the Nissan Patrol Y62, as it is the best model to hire. With a powerful engine and modern tech, you’ll drive smoothly. The Nissan Patrol LE Titanium is famous for its premium features and looks. 

It has an extensive interior and an advanced security system, making it safe and comfortable for the family. The air conditioning and comfortable seats of the Nissan Patrol will keep you fresh even in the heat of Dubai. 

So what are you waiting for? Book the Nissan Patrol today and drive around Dubai like a king.

Features of Nissan Patrol

Test Drive A Nissan Patrol

Many people like the Nissan Patrol because of its features and design. But without driving it, it isn’t easy to decide whether the Nissan Patrol is the car for you or not. You can now test drive our new Nissan Patrol without any extra charges. 

This big SUV will take you anywhere from city streets to rough roads. Try it out to see the performance and new tech. Our Team will be with you during the test drive to improve your experience.

Special Deals on Long-Term Rentals?

Our car rental agency brings you special long-term rental offers. Now, if you rent our cars for a month or more, you will get special discounts and great deals. You will get up to 50% discount on a rental period of more than 30 days.

Apart from this, you will also get free regular vehicle maintenance and 24/7 customer support service if you book for a long term. Take advantage of this golden opportunity and rent our premium cars at affordable rates. We are proud that we can make your travel experience easy and memorable.

Rent a Nissan Patrol on multiple durations

We provide the cars on rent for multiple durations like Daily , weekly and monthly. You can book for any duration which you want.

Daily Rental: Are you planning for very short , so you can book any car on rent for a day. Our daily rental is the best option.

Weekly Rental: If your trip is for a few days or you will stay in the city for a few days, then our weekly rental is perfect. It gives you the vehicle at affordable rates, so you can enjoy the trip without worries.

Monthly Rental: Our monthly rental is perfect for customers who need a good vehicle for a long time. It is for customers planning a long stay in the city or a big trip.

Documents Required to Rent Nissan Patrol

Documents Required For Suzuki Jimny

For UAE Resident

1) A Valid UAE Driving License
2) Emirates ID front & back
3) Passport & Visa page copy

Documents Required For Suzuki Jimny Rent In Dubai

Foreign Tourists

1) Home Country Driver’s License and IDP
2) Copy of Visa Entry Stamp
3) Passport Copy

Frequently Asked Question's

The Nissan Patrol has a seating capacity of up to 7 passengers, providing ample space for a comfortable ride.

No, we believe in transparent pricing. There are no hidden fees or additional charges associated with our Nissan Patrol rental services.

Yes, you can easily book a Nissan Patrol rental online through our website or by contacting our customer service team.

To rent a Nissan Patrol, you need a valid driver’s license and must meet the minimum age requirement set by our rental policies.

Yes, we offer convenient delivery and pickup services for Nissan Patrol rentals to your preferred location within Dubai.

No, there is no mileage limit imposed on our Nissan Patrol rentals, allowing you to explore Dubai without constraints.

The Nissan Patrol runs on petrol, providing reliable performance and efficiency during your rental period.

You are free to explore both urban and off-road destinations within Dubai with our Nissan Patrol rental, ensuring versatility and adventure.

Yes, additional drivers can be added to the rental agreement, provided they meet the necessary requirements and documentation.

In case of any damage to the Nissan Patrol during your rental period, our team will assist you with the necessary procedures and insurance coverage to address the situation promptly.

Book Nissan Patrol For Rent

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