Kia Carnival Rent A Car

Rent a Car Kia Carnival from our car rental agency in Dubai to enjoy your journey. Kia Carnival is a spacious and luxurious vehicle which you can hire for your family or friends’ trips. 

It has quite a lot of good aspects and is comfortable. Hence, you can enjoy your ride in the streets of Dubai like a king. 

Kia Carnival is suitable for all your needs wherever you go shopping, sightseeing, or to any business meeting. Enjoy your Dubai trip with our car rental agency’s good service and low fares.

Kia Carnival
Kia Carnival
Kia Carnival car rental price in Dubai
3 Hours Transfer Full Day
450 AED
550 AED
175 AED
220 AED
900 AED
1100 AED

290 HP






19-26 mpg


3.5 to 3.8 liters

Monthly Kia Carnival Rental Services Dubai

Our car rental agency in Dubai brings you a special service – “Monthly Kia Carnival 2020 Rental Services”. Kia Carnival 2020 is a luxurious and comfortable MPV perfect for your whole family. 

Under our monthly rental plan, you can easily rent it according to your needs. This car is famous for its high quality, reliability and modern features. We offer you this service at the lowest prices to make your journey comfortable and safe. 

Enjoy Kia Carnival 2020 with our agency in Dubai and have a unique experience. Our team is always ready to satisfy your needs and convenience.

Get the Best Car Rental Experience in Dubai, UAE

Rent the best car in Dubai, UAE! At our car rental company, we will make your trip unforgettable and effortless. We have luxury SUVs and economy cars to fit all your needs. 

We keep all cars well maintained and clean so your trip is stress-free. Our professional and friendly team is always available to help you. 

We offer the best services at affordable prices so you can have a great time within your budget. Your trip to Dubai will be even more fun with us. Book now and hit the roads of Dubai!

Features of Kia Carnival

The Kia Carnival is a unique vehicle that redefines SUV design. It offers a comfortable and stylish ride for your passengers. 

Kia Carnival has a premium interior for eight passengers and comes with latest Kia technologies. This vehicle is created not only for travel but to have a great experience in travel.

Why Rent a Kia Carnival

Anyone in need of a large and stylish minivan would do well to consider hiring a Kia Carnival. The Carnival features variable options, such as a rear-view camera to see what’s going on in the back seats and an easy-to-use page system to communicate with rear-seat passengers without having to shout.

The touch screen display in Kia Carnival is excellent, too. The JBL sound system sounds fantastic and the Apple CarPlay phone connection works better now. Let us understand some features one by one:

Stunning design: The Kia Carnival’s modern and beautiful design makes it unique. Its sleek and stylish body will enhance your personality even more.

Spacious and comfortable: The Kia Carnival has enough space for eight passengers, making your journey comfortable. Its luxurious interiors and comfortable seats will make even long journeys smooth.

Advanced safety: The Kia Carnival in Nora Al Zahra has new safety technologies, such as automatic emergency braking, blind spot detection, and adaptive cruise control, prioritising your safety.

Powerful performance: The Kia Carnival’s engine is powerful and performs well. Whether you drive in the city or on the highway, its powerful engine will give you good performance in every situation.

Entertainment Features: This car has features like a modern infotainment system, multiple USB ports, and wireless charging, making your trip fun and convenient.

Environmental Consciousness: The Kia Carnival’s fuel efficiency and low emission levels also satisfy your environmental responsibility.

Overall, The Kia Carnival is an excellent car for a family because it’s practical, has plenty of equipment, and is easy to drive. It’s ideal for those with young families, as it offers a little bit of everything.

Documents Required to Rent a Carnival

Documents Required For Suzuki Jimny

For UAE Resident

1) A Valid UAE Driving License
2) Emirates ID front & back
3) Passport & Visa page copy

Documents Required For Suzuki Jimny Rent In Dubai

Foreign Tourists

1) Home Country Driver’s License and IDP
2) Copy of Visa Entry Stamp
3) Passport Copy

Frequently Asked Question's

We offer flexible rental options ranging from hourly rentals to full-day rentals, and even transfers. You can choose the duration that best fits your needs.

Our Kia Carnival rentals come with automatic transmission for ease of driving and smooth handling.

Yes, absolutely! Our Kia Carnival rentals are perfect for personal use, family outings, or any other trip purposes.

Our Kia Carnival rentals come equipped with features such as surround cameras, built-in GPS, parking assistance, Bluetooth audio, cooling and heated seats, USB or USB-C ports, leather seats, and more.

Yes, we provide Kia Carnival rental services in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, ensuring you have access to our luxurious minivans across the UAE.

You will need to meet the standard rental requirements, including a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and a security deposit. Our friendly team will guide you through the rental process seamlessly.

Yes, booking a Kia Carnival rental is quick and easy. You can either contact us directly or book online through our website.

The Kia Carnival offers spacious seating for up to seven passengers, making it ideal for families or groups.

 Yes, we offer convenient delivery and pickup services to ensure a hassle-free rental experience for our customers.

We believe in transparent pricing, and there are no hidden fees. Our rental rates are competitive and inclusive of standard features. Any additional services or options will be clearly communicated to you during the booking process.

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